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Welcome to Bruns and Spork [bru:ns ænd spɔːk]!
We are a small audio software company based in Hamburg, Germany. And this is our pride and joy:

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Of course, its name is its bond - Grooove is a virtual drum machine.

Take a look at the details on the product pages or get grooovy right away and download a copy. Grooove's trial mode is only slightly restricted and unlimited in time.

Computer Music magazine features Grooove CM

Computer Music (issue 223) (November 2015) includes Grooove CM, a moderately stripped-down version of Grooove.

Computer Music's own words: "In an age of digital excess, 'more' is often touted as 'better', and many multigigabyte sampled instruments firmly adhere to this principle. But what if there was a compact, resource-friendly plugin that aimed to wring the absolute most from just a handful of samples? That'd be this month's ace CM Plugin giveaway, Grooove CM!"

Check out the excellent video tutorial by Computer Music.

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7 October 2015

Grooove CM included in Computer Music magazine (issue 223)

The guys in London made an excellent tutorial video. More can be found in the magazine. Buy the new Computer Music and download Grooove CM right now.

3 October 2015

Ungrooovy: El Capitan issue

Grooove might crash host applications when being unloaded or when a project or the host is being closed. This has already been addressed. A fix will follow soon.


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